Building a Wow product | Startup saturday@ NITK

 You, Yes you 

 rememeber using that thing, and thinking... 

 I could have made it soooo much

 cooler, better, beautiful, usable, colorful... 

 we have all been there. 

 Ever wondered what it takes to create a great product,

 what you see when you reach the very edge of "what has been tried" 

 Produsts like the Iphone that defined an industry...  

 The world wide web that brought the whole world closer... 

 Google which helps us find whatever we are looking for... 

 Twitter, which lets our voice be heard by millions... 

 Lets understand what makes Great products great,

 @ National Institute of technology Karnataka [NITK] (Maps) 

 on the 8th of April at 2PM. 


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Rishab Dev

Building better brand experiences at Mapplinks | Training the next generation of growth marketers at Mapplinks Academy

Managing Director at Mapplinks and Mapplinks Academy. First startup Durofy in 2008. Serial Entrepreneur. Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Keynote Speaker. Current building Growth Hacking United & Growth Hacking Institute. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @reachrishabh.

Orwin Noronha

Managing Director at Leowin Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Is an Innovator of “MozziQuit” Mosquito Trap which attracts, traps and kills mosquitoes at just 5 paise per day operating cost, without the use of any chemicals or refills or consumables or fumes or smoke. “MozziQuit” is the outcome of his 12 years of Research made for the benefit of the society.

Event Details

08 Apr, 2017
01:30 PM to 04:40 PM
National Institute of technology Karnataka (Surathkal)
NH 66, Srinivas Nagar,
Mangalore - 575025

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